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Let’s be clear, Dynamize Coffee is NOT your everyday coffee company. We are a family that inspires generations to make a positive impact and promote a global movement of positive energy. 


Dynamize started with the intentions of offering a natural, clean source of energy, while educating consumers and supplying the world with one of the most nutrient dense, highest quality products available. 


Beyond the cup of coffee we have established a unique partnership with our farmers, paying double the fair trade minimum to ensure they can not only survive, but thrive and continue to produce raw coffee the right way while making an honest wage!


CEO Brandon Miller says growing up on a farm has opened his mind to what is truly happening in the farming industry around the world. A vast majority of coffee throughout the United States is purchased by distributors at auction, leaving the farmers with a fraction of the cost of the final goods. Most farmers are forced to survive on usually one non-economical paycheck per year and this infrastructure is slowly killing the backbone of society (small farmers). Large companies are taking over the industry and buying out the small farmers which allows negative environmental impacts. These actions cause traces of harmful chemicals in the land and in the coffee itself which depletes the beneficial properties it naturally has. 


Our coffee on the other hand is grown with no harmful fertilizers, pesticides, mold, and is full of antioxidants, offering the people an alternative to unhealthy energy drinks. Dynamize is a lifestyle and movement, promoting positive impact around the world. With this foundation we believe people in every aspect of the world can once again have trust, hope, and purpose. As a company and family, our pillars are built on the integrity of mankind. We strive to show the world how greatness can be achieved through the stories of others. Our goal is to educate all people willing to inspire generations to make a positive impact and to promote a global movement of positive energy.


Brandon Miller

CEO Brandon Miller has spent the last decade in the food and agricultural industry. Coming from a farming background in Northern California, he truly got an understanding on how farmers around the world were being taken advantage of and getting the short end of the stick nine out of ten times! After researching all farming industries, he decided to take all of his knowledge into the coffee space. Coffee is the second largest commodity next to crude oil. Brandon quickly found out this is where he could make the biggest impact in the mission to start bettering the farmers lives as well as educating consumers around the world. We have successfully cut out ten to twelve middlemen from farming, production, roasting, and packaging. Here at Dynamize we source coffee directly from the farmers, building strong relationships where everyone has the opportunity to thrive! We personally go to our farms multiple times throughout the year to check on the quality of the coffee, the pickers, and the overall well being of the farmers. "Dynamize was built with one goal in mind, to offer a honest product people can trust." -Brandon Miller

CEO Brandon Miller


Christian Longnecker

CMO Christian Longnecker comes from a water sports background on the island of Oahu, Hi. Christians' extraordinary passion to do things the right way from start to finish all stems from the island culture of sharing the aloha spirit. With a completely different background from Brandon Miller they share practically identical goals and aspirations to create a community where they're able to inspire generations to make a positive impact and to promote a global movement of positive energy! Having over six years of photography and videography experience with an abnormal creative energy. It was no surprise that Christian was the missing link to the equation. Dynamize is un-like any coffee company on the market! In an industry where ninety-nine percent is owned by three major companies Dynamize has set themselves apart from the crowd. We didn't go the traditional route of serving one type of person or being geared towards one demographic. Dynamize Coffee believes in serving those who continue to strive to be the best they can be! We have successfully created a growing community of like minded people that live their life to the fullest. "Always strive to be the best you, YOU can be!"

- Christian Longnecker


Martin Solhaugen

Global Media Director

"Dynamize is a revolutionary brand! The visions and goals for this company are going to be unparalleled to the rest of the industry. Not only that but their coffee is honest & delicious. I believe that Dynamize's morals are spot on from start to finish and this is why I DYNAMIZE!" 

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